Who we are ?


About us,

Elevator needs of developing, modern cities and vertical structures
meet new technologies
Eleys Elevator, which aims to continuously progress in its development,
had vision of customer requests with

100% of the products produced in Turkey, the entire product range, are domestic products.
and delivers high quality to its customers. Eleys Elevator is strong
infrastructure, visionary perspective and sector investments, solution-oriented
from the beginning of its service with its approach
It is always with its customers until the end.

Our Mission,

In order to adapt to the ever-changing competitive environment and to respond to the expectations of our customers, to keep the quality at the highest level by combining the product variety with the understanding of reliability and quality, by adopting the Quality Management System in our company, by reflecting the technological developments and legal requirements to our designs with our expert staff.


Our vision,

In the services we provide, we follow the sector in the most accurate way and work with professionals in process management to provide our customers with the most perfect,